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Anambra to attack COVID-19 with renewed vigour – Obiano



ANAMBRA State Governor, Willie Obiano has assured that the state government had made the necessary arrangements to give ndi Anambra a fighting chance against COVID-19. In a special broadcast to people of the State, last Saturday, the governor re-emphasised his government’s desire to win the battle against the pandemic.

Experience he noted, has shown that “the best defence against the virus is eternal vigilance as the virus tends to surprise people who lose concentration; and once it’s allowed a room to flourish, it occupies space in full. Anambra State cannot afford to lose focus against the Coronavirus.”

  Gov. Obiano stated this in a special broadcast on COVID-19 to update ndi Anambra on ‘Contact Tracing and Progress of the Index Case,’ in this state.

“I am delighted to announce that the report reaching me from the Protective Care Center indicates that our Index Case is responding very well to treatment. The first post-treatment result from the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) returned  negative for SARS-CoV 2.”

  “However, following the standards which have been rigorously applied by NCDC since the outbreak of the pandemic in Nigeria, he will go for the second round of test before he can be conclusively declared negative. We shall continue to remember him in our prayers as he fights his way back from this illness.”

  The Governor stated that the state government has resolved to re-strengthen some measures it adopted against the COVID-19 fight. He maintained that all boundaries with neighbouring states remain closed. Only vehicles conveying essential commodities and supplies are allowed to enter Anambra State after a proper check and confirmation by security agents.

  “All inter-city/inter-community movements in the state remain suspended. All motor parks in the State remain closed. Food markets in Anambra State are to open only on Tuesdays and Fridays. Traders and customers in these markets must always maintain the principles of Social Distancing during the transaction process. “

  Governor Obiano maintained that the wholesale medical drug market (Ndi-Ogbo Ogwu) in Onitsha is permitted to open only on Tuesdays and Fridays. He reiterated that any stores or shops located in the markets not dealing with food items or medical drugs remain closed. The Governor directed the security agents to ensure rigorous enforcement.

  The Governor urged commercial banks in the State to maintain skeletal services. He directed farmers to return to their farms with immediate effect, “this is to allow them to participate fully in the current planting season. I also wish to urge ndi Anambra to return to the farms because that is the only way we can fend the impending hunger that COVID-19 has created.”

  “Ndi Anambra are encouraged to take all the personal hygiene from medical professionals and practice social distancing at all times. People on essential services e.g. Health workers, journalists, and factory workers producing essential commodities are not affected by this lockdown. Security agents enforcing the lockdown order should take note of this.”

  Governor Obiano acknowledged ndi-Anambra who have taken up the challenge of reaching out to the vulnerable ones in their respective communities. He said the state government has mapped out a palliative to cushion the effect of COVID-19.

  On the clash between a group of youths and some security operatives at Nkpor that resulted in the unfortunate death of one person and injuries to other, Gov. Obiano said is avoidable incident must not happen again, “ The Government of Anambra State will foot the medical bills of the injured as well as underwrite the burial costs of the deceased.

  “However, in the interest of peace in our communities, I wish to appeal to ndi Anambra to refrain from anything that would lead to a head-on collision with the police. I also appeal to the police to adopt best practices in dealing with the challenges that this difficult moment will most certainly provide,’ he said

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