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COVID19 Lockdown Cripples Hotel Business In Anambra



The total shutdown of activities across the nation particularly in Anambra state as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has completely crippled business in the hospitality industry.

Hotels in the state capital Awka indeed responded to the total lockdown because they were under lock and key except for skeletal movements within the premises by security operatives as well as those offering sanitary services .

Chief Titus Anigbogu , chairman and chief executive officer of Orthon Palace Hotel Ekwulobia and Orthon Residence and Suites Awka , told our correspondent that his hotels were completely shutdown and out of business due to the coronavirus pandemic because no one knows who is a carrier of the diease .

Anigbogu said that, ” we don’t allow guests because nobody knows who is carrying this virus. I don’t want my hotel to be stigmatised. So we should wait until when the lockdown is over.

” we have not been open to guests so that we don’t host some of these foreigners that are coming in. Basically there are no customers. The hotel is just open but there is no business. ” he emphasized.

Again Chief Dilim Okafor , Chairman Hotel Association Anambra-Central and owner of Tracy Hotels Limited Awka said hotels were in total lockdown for fear of habouring people living with the Covid19 virus.

Okafor explained that no hotel would be in business during this pandemic because everybody is apprehensive of the order , stressing that governnent did not close hotels but that the onus lies on hotel operators to shutdown their hotels as a control measure in stemming the spread of the Covid19 virus.

He said,” all my staff are laid until further notice. Nobody will walk into the hotels.If someone is checking in ; where is he coming from ? If he is coming from Enugu it is not possible.If he is coming from Lagos it is not possible.Health first and everybody just have to bear it .

” governnent did not ask hotels to close but once there is lockdown on movements, nobody goes to hotels to do anything.” Okafor stated.

Vice President Anambra State Hotel Association and chairman Jolly Hotels Awka , Chief Henry Onuorah stated that hotels in Awka complied with the total lockdown order on all activities including all forms of commerical activities.

Onuorah noted that there are no lodgings and accommodations and hotel owners no longer spent money on fuel because there are no customers to recover money spent on fuel and other miscellaneous expenditures.

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