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Lockdown: Lagos sex workers slash prices



AMID the coronavirus lockdown and ravaging effect of the disease, commercial sex workers in Lagos State have slashed their rate to remain relevant and equally attract customers.

  According to anonymous reporter who spoke to National Light, “Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, the busy street is one of the few places that wear semblance of bustling life characteristic of Nigeria’s economic capital since the state went into lockdown about three weeks ago.

  “Dotted with all kinds of small shops and few residential buildings, Ipodo Street is a melting pot for kerb-crawlers, miscreants and commercial sex workers once night falls.

  As of 8pm that day, nothing significant has changed in the crowded hood despite appeals for social distancing to slow down the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.”

  Narrating his experience in the hands of the prowlers furher, “Let’s go to my room,” one of them in her early 20s, Blessing (not real name), muttered as he was led to a small, dingy room on the first floor of the brothel housing an expansive bar on the ground floor.

  “I don’t lick am o,” she remarked leisurely while approaching the room.

  “They say COVID-19 is everywhere but e no fit catch me by God’s grace,” the prostitute added dismissively, promising a blowjob as a treat.

  “COVID-19 never reach Nigeria,” Blessing declared as she motioned me to sit on her medium-sized bed littered with clothes. “How many people have you seen contracting it in Nigeria?” she queried.

  When told the virus had infected hundreds of people and killed about a dozen in the country.

  Blessing vehemently argued everything about coronavirus is a ruse and a conduit for diverting public funds.

  “I heard that it has reached many states. It’s not true; they (referring to government) only want to loot money. They never tired of looting.

  “If coronavirus there is Coronavirus, we in this field would have contracted it. Why have we not contracted it? She queried.

  “Abeg, forget that thing; there is nothing like coronavirus in Nigeria,” Blessing reiterated, dismissing theeverything about the virus. “I told you that government is just using it to steal our money.”

  “Do you want short time?’ she asked in obvious desperation to get down to business.

  “It is N2,000,” she concluded without waiting for a response.

  Sensing non acceptance, she slashed it further to N1,000, attributing the reduction in price to Coronavirus bad time.

  In Toyin Street, about 300 metres away, a sex worker, popularly addressed as Slim, agreed to cut N3,000 out of the N8,000 she normally charges for an all-night romp.

Like Blessing, Slim also attributed the discounted price to the effect of coronavirus on their business.

  Slim disclosed that the fear of contracting the virus had scared many customers away and disrupted influx of clients into the facility.

  From four customers on average daily, the 22-year-old said she hardly got one offer these days.

  “We used to pay N4,000  to our manager every day but now it has been reduced to N2,500 because of low patronage. On Sunday, I didn’t have any customer, so I was unable to pay the manager but he recorded it for me as a debt.

  It will be recalled that Lagos State government is all out to ensure that the lockdown directive is observed by all in the state.

  A public health physician and Head, Medical Centre of Federal College of Education, Akoka, Lagos, DrRotimiAdesanya, was credited to have warned commercial sex workers defying lockdown order to desist from appearing in any street or risk getting arrested by law enforcement officers.

  “As everybody is being advised on social distancing, commercial sex workers too need to observe it. They are putting themselves at high risk. All over the world, COVID-19 is a reality. The countries that have everything are suffering today, how much more Nigeria.

  “They should be on lockdown for their own safety. The nature of their job is such that they are meeting with strangers.”

They are more at risk than any other person and using hand sanitiser is not enough because it can’t stop sneezing which may arise during bodily contact with customers.”

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