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Moving corpses home, not healthy now – Madubuko



ANAMBRA State Government has said that transportation of dead bodies from Lagos through the state to other parts of the country in this era is not healthy.

“It is not healthy to allow free movement of dead bodies through the state borders to other parts of the country, the state’s Transport Commissioner, Christian Madubuko, told journalists.

  He urged families wishing to move their dead ones home, to weigh the health implications at this period that COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging various parts of the world.

  Dr Madubuko said it was observed that some people transporting dead relations were turned back at some towns around Ihiala Local Government Area.

  He expressed dismay at the level of corrupt practices being displayed by the security personnel posted to the state’s boundaries.

“We are talking of dangers of coronavirus, but I tell you today, anybody who extorts money from another to allow the person into the state is worse than coronavirus,” Madubuko stressed.

  He alleged that the security personnel were extortingmoney from motorists and other road users to enable them to have their ways into the state.

“I cannot understand why some people sent to monitor borders abandon their duties and start doing another thing.

“At Isseke border, some security personnel, including vigilance groups were seen fighting over illegal money extorted from motorists.

“Security personnel should sit up. Our borders are porous because they are collecting money from people and allowing them into the state.

“I urge everyone to keep indoors. We have arrested and handed some 100 persons who violated the state’s order.

“Our people are careless over what concerns them. They think Coronavirus is not real. Please, COVID-19 is real”.

The commissioner cautioned the general public to observe government’s order of sit-at-home and maintain regular hand washing with soap.

“Apply sanitisers, wear facemasks, and observe social distancing as precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19.”

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