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Coronavirus and the God angle



BEING a known and conspicuous disease with symptoms like high fever, cough and breathing complications, that is, difficulty in breathing, corona virus has become a reality that stares challengingly at the world. We thus just have to take it since at the moment; we just don’t have a general antidote.

The truth is that it is a reality and the earlier we begin to believe, the better for us. So, for now, let’s still take the menace in good fate, seeing we cannot change it yet.

  Situations of this nature, as we behold, is sure to elicit feelings and beliefs in the people. And when I say people, I mean people of every land and clime. The world has been affected in this corona matter and the earth is just one so far as God is concerned.

Let’s forget language and culture variations now, humans are one. They (humans) are one because their needs are same. In every clime, when a human being is hungry, he goes for food; when thirsty, he goes for water. Same is applicable to other human needs including physiological needs.

  Looking at the situation on ground now, we can see that opinions, views and reactions have varied amongst humans of Nigeria extraction. While some believe coronavirus is what 2020 has come up with, and as such, is going to give way soonest, when it has lived out its time, others refuse to dismiss the matter with a wave of the hand. They believe God has decided, as it has often been the nature of the almighty, to get even with mankind, this time around over our numerous sins and iniquities.

  Others have quite a different view of their own. They simply believe that world powers have decided to suspend, for the present, battle for the arsenals and armories, to venture into sciences or biological belligerence where supremacy will be known at the end of the day. Based on this, fear grips the people, or better put, the nations of lesser powers who do not possess what it takes to participate in this kind of hurly-burly. It is said that when two matured elephants lock horns in a fight, the grasses suffer. Africa obviously is the grasses in question in this matter; for in most lands and climes, especially in the western world, leaders do all in their powers to protect citizens in all aspect of national life or in situation like this conundrum of corona virus.

  Now, what is God’s take or concern in all this? This question is vital because God created all of us and he has a pattern (the bible as a guide) in ruling his creatures especially mankind, including the governors and presidents of this planet known as earth or the world. In fact, what do we expect from or infer of the almighty in this situation of corona virus scourge? And more importantly, does the situation have a link with God?

  If I am allowed to be personal, I would answer in the affirmation (yes) to the last but not the least questions. And going further, I want to say also, that God surely must have a stake in this.

  For when we examine the bible critically, we would clearly understand the reactions of God to human excesses.

Are we not in this world again to know that from the western world came Christianity to Africa but today, the latter is more penitent and devoted to God and Christ than the former who became our colonial masters and missionaries.

  I am not in any way being judgmental to the western world or the affluent economies like China but all I can say in this matter at hand is that God can use anything, including human mistakes (even the ones done in pride) to punish his erring human creatures. I am not trying to say that Africans are godlier than the west but the affluence of the rich economies of this world makes them serious agnostics and God cannot keep quiet.  

 He must warn sometimes with situation like this. And the earlier we learn and adjust, the better.

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