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Nigerian sculptors defy lockdown’s restriction



SATURDAY is World Sculpture Day (WSD) but Nigerian sculptors will mark it in a novel way.

  In view of the general lockdown resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sculptors Association of Nigeria (ScAN) is mounting an online exhibition from Saturday, at 12 noon.

  Desirous of proving the power of man’s mind over matter and social circumstances, the sculptors state that “The creative spirit of man operates beyond the realm of physical  three dimensions of human space”.

According to a release by ScAN’s Secretary-General, Shola Kukoyi, the artists are not only resilient, they crave to establish that with or without rallying together in a material space they can mark the WSD with an event and a vista, befitting of their call and country, Nigeria.

The sculptors, he emphasised “cannot be subjected to physical restriction of a pandemic or lockdown. For this reason, though ScAN members are in full compliance with government directives of the lockdown order, they have not relented in practice. The creative spirit has continued unabated, in fact; with a renewed vigor.

  The association (ScAN) is mounting an exhibition to showcase recent and old works of sculptors in an online exhibition with the theme- ‘Sculpture: Beyond Lockdown’. The exhibition which shall remain open to public viewing, online till cessation of the lockdown which they hope, will coincide with the International Sculpture Councils, ISC’s annual International Sculpture Day (ISD) exhibition.

  Participation in the exhibition is open to all sculptors of Nigerian descent but the exhibition is not a substitute for ScAN’s proposed National Exhibition which will come under the title- ‘Now Sculpture’ .The online exhibition will therefore not feature works previously submitted for the national show.

  Sculptors expected to feature in the online exhibition as Dr Kukoyi disclosed include- E.S.O. Afolayan, Prof. Edewor Nelson, Dr. Uwa Usen, Fabayo, Dr. Adenle, Dr. Kenny Badaru, Dr. Okay Ikenegbu, Dr. Ken Kolie, Muraina Akeem. Eric Okah, Akande Pedro, Dr. Adeola Balogun, Oladimeji Oluwagbemiga, Nsikan Ekwere, Ebong Ekwere and a host of others.

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