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Easter without celebration



All is novelty.

Easter is here and over
The much awaited Easter
For our Christ is risen
Where wrre the Christians?

Our churches were empty
Some even were locked
As if the Christ himself
Had failed to resurrect.

Our hands are coated
Our mouths are tied
How do we celebrate?
As we’re banned from gathering
hugging and shaking.

Yes the Christ is risen
But we’re still in rue
Mourning and shivering
Like in the day of crucifixion.

Our hearts jiggle
And our lives at risk
An unwelcome visitor is here
His arrival changed them all.

His name is coronavirus
A voyager
A product
An inventor
all the way from China.

Easter without communion
Easter without congregation
Easter without conviviality
Novelty to the credit of another.

Corona corona corona!
That’s all we hear
That’s all we fear
Even on the day of resurrection.

Our sermons, our prayers
All pay allegiance to corona
Corona hodgepodged our Easter.
Corona pilfers our days.

Corona is ubiquitous
Corona is mortiferous
Easter amidst corona
All is novelty
and only but just a novelty

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