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Anambra Opposition Parties Not Interested In Solutions But Interested In Castigating Governnent — ASATU President



National President of the Anambra State Association of Town Unions ( ASATU ) , Chief Alex Onukwue has observed that opposition elements in the state are not interested in solutions but only interested in destructions and campaigns of calumny.

Onukwue also observed that when Anambra state was under total lockdown due to the covid19 pandemic , the opposition elements cried foul, saying that it was not in the best interest of the people to lock them up in their homes amidst hunger and hardships.

He maintained that now that the state government has decided to relax the lockdowns to enable the people to have a breathe of fresh air and sunshine , the opposition parties still faulted governnent decisions on the grounds that the relaxation of the lockdowns were inimical and detrimental to the people as the virus was contagious and spreads sporadically.

The ASATU national president who spoke in an interview, explained that the ” when the restrictions were put in place, the opposition cried out that it is not necessary to lock the state up. Now the governnent is saying let us relax the lockdown, the opposition is now saying a different thing.

” It appears that the opposition in Anambra state is not interested in solutions. They are only interested in castigating the governnent and doing things that are actually not necessary.This is not opposition any way , this is campaign of calumny.Because they cried out when the restrictions are in place and governnent is trying to see what it can do for the people to relax a little bit, they are still crying again. So what do the opposition really want ? All they want is destruction so they can blame governnent here and there.

” For all I care , it is not responsible opposition. Everybody should join hands with the governnent in the fight against this pandemic. It is bad politics for any politician to use this coronavirus pandemic as campaign tool and the person might actually be loosing in the end because I think the people of Anambra state understand why governnent is doing what it is doing.

” Whatever governnent is doing is to save lives and opposition or no opposition, all of us is expected to support the governnent to fight the common enemy which is Covid19. ” Onukwue emphasized.

The ASATU national president noted that by the time the state has completely won the war against Covid19 pandemic , politicians can go back to their politicking.

Onukwue however challenged opposition elements in the state to produce evidence of mismanagement of Covid19 funds, accusing the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) of playing to the gallery and making things worst for themselves.

He said , ” if PDP continues to play politics with Covid19, they will loose out in the end and have themselves to blame. What the people of Anambra state are saying now is let us keep politics away from this pandemic and support governnent efforts.”

The community leader urged Citizens to continue to listen to the governnent because he believed that governnent will not mislead the people even as he equally charged them to stay safe and observe all protocols as it concerns containing the spread of coronavirus in the state.

Onukwue also emphasized that the relaxation of the lockdown was a well thought-out initiative of the state government and commendable but pointed out that governnent made it clear that the use of face masks , social distancing , handwashing , sanitisation of hands as well as all other protocols were mandatory for all citizens to observe amidst the relaxation of lockdowns.

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