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Coronavirus: FIFA to introduce new rules



The world football governing body, FIFA has proposed new rules in the beloved game, after a long absence by players.

FIFA has suggested allowing teams to make up to five substitutions in a game, to help players cope with the return to action after COVID-19, SkySports reports.

Teams will be given only three slots during the match to make their changes, in a bid to avoid unnecessary stoppages.

The proposal also acknowledges that there will be increased demands on players when football returns.

Matches are likely to be played every few days, as leagues seek to complete the season.

“In competitions where less than five substitutions are currently allowed, each team would now be given the possibility to use up to five substitutions during the match, with the possibility of an additional substitution remaining during extra time, where relevant,” part of FIFA’s statement read.

FIFA’s plans will require approval from the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which is responsible for the laws of the game.

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