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Islamic group reveals possible cause of mysterious deaths in Kano



An Islamic human rights group, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has sent a Save Our Soul message (S.O.S) to President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government, urging it to immediately intervene in the mass deaths going on in Kano State, Northern Nigeria.

The group said it suspects the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic as the real cause of the mysterious deaths.

Mysterious death has rocked Kano to its foundations in the past few days with prominent citizens in academics and business circles falling victims.

While only the names of prominent citizens among the victims are made public, hundreds of ordinary citizens are buried daily and there are claims that over 700 people have died already.

Although, the state government has denied any connection between the strange deaths and Coronavirus, the right group said its fear is based on the fact that COVID-19 spreads like wildfire.

This was contained in a press statement released on Monday signed by MURIC’s Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola.

“Too many people are dying in Kano these days. It is too unusual. We suspect COVID-19. We need help in Kano very urgently. This is an S.O.S. The Federal Government must act with dispatch.

“We cannot afford to play the waiting game in this matter. We may not overwhelm COVID-19 even if we succeed in containing it in the rest of the country. This is because Kano is strategically positioned. The virus can easily spread to the North West, North East and then down South.

“Records have shown that the advent of the virus in some Northern states is not unconnected with the ancient city of Kano.

“The index cases in Adamawa, Plateau, and Jigawa are from Kano. Even two of the index cases in Kaduna are from Kano. That is an indication that the virus is very active in Kano State.

“Kano already has 77 cases of Coronavirus at the last count but even that figure is debatable.

“More disturbing is the rumour that the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in the state has locked up its offices and its officials are not responding to distress calls.

“The only testing centre in Kano which is situated at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital has also been allegedly locked up. So where did NCDC get its figure on Kano?

“Something is fishy here. We are surprised that testing centres are almost nonexistent in the North.

“Is this a deliberate attempt at debilitating Northern population with its attendant impact on Muslim majority population in the country?

“We, therefore, demand an inquiry into circumstances of the alleged closure of NCDC office in Kano State as well as the paucity of testing centres in the whole North.

“We advise Kano citizens in particular and the rest of Nigerians in general to take half a teaspoonful of habat as-sauda (black seed) with honey every morning to boost their immunity. Warm water should be added thereafter.

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