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NCDC raises alarm over shortage of COVID-19 test kits



NIGERIAN Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has raised an alarm that the country is presently lacking coronavirus test extraction kits.

  Director General of NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, made this known in a tweet he released on Sunday.

  According to him, the type of kits that are needed and the manufacturers that make them are not only in short supply but Nigerians that need to be tested of the virus may not get such service because the kits are nowhere to be found.

  “We’re desperately looking for more RNA extraction kits as we expand #COVID19 testing Product: Total viral RNA extraction kits (preferably spin column and with a lysis buffer) Manufacturers: Qiagen, ThermoFischer, SeeGene, Inqaba, LifeRiver etc,” he said.

  Ihekweazu also said that people who would want to help could contact the agency on

  Presently the agency has tested a little over 10,000 samples while 1273 of those have been confirmed with the virus.

  Meanwhile, millions of people in Ghana, Madagascar and Australia are downloading coronavirus tracker App.

– More than one million Australians have downloaded a new government smartphone app designed to make coronavirus contact tracing easier, as the country moves to ease stay-at-home restrictions.

A unit of the application cost about $1. But nearly two million Australians have already rushed to download a new smartphone app designed to make coronavirus contact tracing easier.

Australian government said today that it is overlooking privacy concerns in the hope of speeding up the end of social-distancing lockdowns.

  According to Health Minister, Greg Hunt, the discovery is “extraordinary” because 1.9 million people downloaded the App in less than 24 hours.

  The nation of 25 million people has uncovered just over 6,700 instances of coronavirus, with the rate of new cases falling to 10-20 per day despite widespread testing.

  Like governments around the world, Australian authorities are under growing pressure to ease restrictions on travel and public gatherings imposed to halt the spread of the virus, but which have devastated the economy.

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