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Anambra citizens react to relaxation of COVID-19 directives



Give knocks to security agencies for poor implementation of border closure

FOLLOWING the recent relaxation of some COVID-19 safety measures and directives by Anambra State Government; some residents of the state have registered their views and reactions to the gesture, with regards to the state government’s approach against the pandemic.

Speaking on the development, the Chaplain, Chapel of Redemption, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Ven. Benson Udezo described the relaxation as apt, owing to fact that the state is now reportedly free of coronavirus virus, and given the need to let in some fresh air, which the Governor has done.

While appreciating God for his grace and intervention in the situation, Ven. Udezo also extolled the state government’s approach to the pandemic, even as he called on the citizens to enjoy the relaxation with great caution and strict adherence to other routine safety measures, such as regular handwashing, social distancing, and wearing of face mask, among others.

He also warned those diverting or withholding the palliatives donated or being donated by governments, individuals and organisations to cushion the effects of the coronavirus on the masses, to abstain from such, as things like that result to curse and invoke wrath of God upon the perpetrators.

On his own part, a Nollywood Actor and Senior Special Assistant on Creative Media to Governor Willie Obiano, Mr. Bob-Manuel Udokwu who also commended the State Government’s proactiveness towards the pandemic, said the Governor’s decision to relax some of the measures must have been wisely informed by intelligence and situation reports from the state’s COVID-19 Task Force and other relevant agencies.

He noted that the attention given to the state’s index was the best ever, which manifested in his swift recovery; and further wondered why people would go around gossiping and saying all manner of things on the index case and his status, even after NCDC had authoritatively declared him positive of the virus.

On the porousness of the state’s borders even when Government had ordered a total lockdown, the veteran actor said, “It is a total failure on the part of our security agencies that people still come into the state despite the border closure; and it is a deliberate thing they do because of some selfish gratifications. It is not only an act of corruption, but also a risk. Indeed, it is totally terrible and condemnable.

“If you are a security personnel entrusted with securing borders because of coronavirus, and you are there granting people pass, because of some selfish gratifications; you are not only a failure in your job, but you are also risking and endangering your own life and those of others.

“So I think, the heads of the various security agencies should be seriously held responsible for that, to ensure that such failure does not continue.”

Contributing, a public affairs analyst, Mr. John Ifejirika decried the attitudes of some people who see COVID-19 as opportunity to indulge in criminal activities and  enrich themselves at the detriment of others.

He therefore called on the government to devise follow-up mechanisms and regularly monitor the enforcement of the her directives in the state, as some of the law enforcement agencies, market leaders and other group leaders concerned with ensuring compliance to the directives are sabotaging the government’s efforts, enriching themselves and smiling home on daily basis, while exposing people to risk.

Mr. Ifejirika also opined that the coronavirus pandemic was a sign, and a rehearsal of world is going to face when God himself will come to take his people, and thus warned everyone to embrace Christ, as rapture would take place unannounced.

It would be recalled that Governor Willie Obiano, in a statewide broadcast over the weekend, relaxed some of the safety measures put in place to contain the spread of coronavirus in the state.

This was consequent upon the negativity status of the state’s index case’s post-treatment results, and those of people who came in contact with him, as was confirmed by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). The Governor noted with joy that the index case has been discharged, and ordered immediate re-opening of food markets and churches in the state.

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