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Christians urged to exercise faith in God



AS BELIEVERS, there is never a time to express our faith in God than in the present situation. As a people of faith, we must live by faith. We are what we believe, faith in God has never failed anyone.

  Pastor, Redeemed Christian Church of God, (Miracle Arena Parish) Umuogbu, Awka, and co-founder, Victina Help Foundation,  Victor Nnebe stated this at a church service to celebrate God’s faithfulness and give handouts to church members and the needy, to cushion the effects of the lockdown caused by COVID-19.

  Rev. Nnebe quoting Hebrew 11:1 on the need for faith in God, he charged the congregation to exemplify that passage to please God in all situations, “If you have faith in achieving a goal, you will definitely get results. It doesn’t matter the height or level of opposition, what you need is surmountable faith, even if your faith is as small as mustard seed you can move mountains.”

  “Where is your faith in times of trials, when challenges come knocking on your door. If you have faith in God despite the plague of coronavirus you will come out stronger. Though the pandemic has killed thousands of people, have faith as a Christian that it will go the same way it came without you getting harmed.

 We are not to ignore the government medical directives of personal hygiene and social and physical distancing but most importantly seek refuge in God.”

  Rev Nnebe encouraged the congregants not to allow the challenges of coronavirus to weigh them down, “at no time should you allow despair to take hold of you. When you dwell on that, hopelessness takes over you. In the first place as a child of God, why would you be hopeless?

God doesn’t favour that. No matter how you see any problem, you should speak to God to overcome it,” he said.

  Co-founder of Victina Help Foundation, Evang Martina Nnebe, said the outreach was part of the evangelical life that God has called Christians into.

  “This moment calls for reaching out to others, there are people in need due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic. We have moral obligations to help ameliorate the pains of the lockdown. We are to emulate Christ lifestyle in helping one another.

  “You may not have enough but there are people you are better off than, reach out to them with relief materials. It is by enriching people’s lives that you use the opportunity to appreciate God for his blessing that He in turn blesses you the more.

  The church service was followed by distribution of tubers of yams, garri, palm oil and salt, made possible by the church in partnership with Victina Help Foundation.

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