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I had time to reflect over my life – Moshood



BASICALLY, the period of the lockdown has been kind of rewarding for me. Not  that I have been able to do so many things per say but of course, because 

  I have been able to discharge my duties. I have been able to do my office work at home. I have been able to learn a whole lot of things. I have` been able to engage more with my friends and colleagues that work would not allow you to reach out to. I have equally been able to sight more about my future and career. I have had time to actually meditate over the next step to take in my life because of course, usually; I do take time to think about what I am going to do next in life.

I have my silent moments when I review my activities and what I need to do to be able to get to become more in life. So, the period of lockdown has given enough time to actually think about it and I have researched a couple of career options and choices to actually take me to the next level and I have also been able to read a few books, gathered a number of other books that I may be reading for the rest of this year. I have been able to also try out new things-learning, taking new courses; I have taken about three courses.

These are the things that I have been doing so far to keep myself busy while we hope that things will get better. The period has taught me that uncertainty is always a part of our world and will ever be a part of our world.

For you to survive in a challenging and dynamic world such as ours, you need to be dynamic, reflective and you need to be futuristic in your plan. Time waits for no one, so you have to be prepared if you want to buy the time and buy the world. (Muhammed Moshood, lead volunteer at Patriotic Allliance for National Development)

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