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I paid attention to my academic work, lifestyle – Omenugha



THE lockdown was not something we expected. It was something that came suddenly. It came with its own challenges. However, there are opportunities that it also availed.

  It was a challenging moment for most of us and rewarding too. Challenging, because I wasn’t able to undertake my personal daily activities and staying at home was a very difficult thing to do. I mean for those of us who are not used to that. It was difficult for us to fix in, but what I have done (because I didn’t have any option and choice) was to turn those challenges into opportunities.

It also presented opportunity for me to retreat, attend to my personal effects and pay close attention to myself. For someone like me who is a Phd student and who is very much interested in working on myself, in terms of areas and other activities that I wouldn’t have been able to do as result of my time schedule, I was able to start working on personal developments in term of sports, academics and paying attention to my health and lifestyle.  I was specifically able to do lots of catch ups and readings in terms of my academic work.

  It gave me opportunity to play table tennis and to do all sorts of games that I have interest in, which over time,I haven’t been able to do, and to do all sorts of readings online; trying to follow up and paying closer attention to happenings around the world.

These are things I have not been able to pay attention to because of my busy schedules. I listened to news on what is happening around the world as regards  the Coronavirus pandemic that everybody is focusing on for preventive measure and solution.

I was particularly interested in knowing the impact and most importantly, what is going on around the world, in China, Nigeria and the rest of the world.  It presented an opportunity to bond with family; I have siblings all at home with my parents.

The bonding aspect of it is very interesting and quite memorable because as family, we cook, chat, eat and play games like table tennis together with my siblings. (Nelson Omenugha ,Entrepreneur and Convener of Youth Earnestly Seeking for Soludo (YESS)  

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