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I taught, played with my kids – Njoku



NO much experience because I’m still working.

  The difference is that I come home everyday to meet my family.  For our own kind of work, we do military and church work at the same time. Church work is almost like completely closed, apart from reaching out to people through social media, there is no church activities. But for military work, yes we keep doing normal routine office work.

We go to work in the morning and come back in the evening. Sometimes, I intentionally create time to play with my kids. I have to create time to play with them – play football, watch whatever channel that they are viewing, carry them up and down, jump up and down and because there is no church service, we host church service in the house every Sunday.

We have our service at home. Their school sent their scheme of work. Sometimes, I take them in classes when I am around; other times, their mum becomes the classroom teacher. We have already bought white board and markers which we use to teach them, give them assignments to do. So the home is all in one – the church, the school, the play ground are in the house. (Major Reverend, Joseph Njoku)

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