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It afforded me good time to work on my personal projects – Onwuka



THE lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic is not something one should pray to happen again.

  For a consultant like me, shutting down businesses and asking people to stay at home translates to less client engagement and lower income from professional services. So, the lockdown had an adverse effect on my consulting business. No new client was secured for professional accounting services, and services to existing ones were halted.

 Though, the lockdown has been relaxed, engaging clients for audit and other professional accounting services will take time to happen because many business owners will be more interested in recovering from the lockdown, than in regularising their accounts and tax issues.

 While the lockdown afforded me good time both to work on my personal projects and be with my family, it nonetheless took its toll on my business and projected income. (Obinna Onwuka, Financial consultant,)          

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