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It was good development phase in my life – Alexander



BEFORE the onset of the lockdown, I started taking baby steps to achieving my dreams using little free times I got after work for my personal business plan (It felt as if I was preparing for the lockdown journey before it began).

  I always have  daily plan lined up of activities which involved research/browsing, learning French, advertising my business, making new outfits and braids for wigs for personal consumption, more or less using this lockdown as a training phase to be an expert in different fields. Though laziness and procrastination are major hindrances to getting things done, so keeping fit is a great way to remain alert, feeling good and ultimately looking good. To further ensure I didn’t fall off the wagon, I joined an exercise group on Whatsapp, which was a great motivation as they keep tabs on you and challenge you to be better.

  The lockdown had its ups and down moments where you get tired of sitting down, the misunderstanding with siblings because we are cramped up in the house against our will and so on. I won’t fail to mention their assistance in making the learning of new languages fun in responding the best they can to those languages, making funny comments or better still, mimicking the words learnt  which sticks to ones memory. The involvement of God in your plans, dreams and aspirations can never be underestimated. All in all, everything happens for a reason. Let’s hope for the best and trust God’s plan.

  I used this lockdown to my advantage. I dub these lockdown moments ‘the developing phase of my life’ sounding like a prophet or better still ‘a king!’ hehehe… When I am able to achieve most of the things listed out for the day, I feel elated through those achievements and look forward to the next day.

It’s not all bed of roses because there were days where chores take the mid field of the day and just a few things can be done. Some days, movies take the lead but being able to get 50 per cent of the listed out dealings done was victory all the same in my book. Keeping sane, safe and at home is the ultimate aim- achieving your goals is a great bonus. (Whitney Alexander, Accountant and fashion designer)

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