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ASWAMA ensures no lapses in environmental care- Akorah



       AS maintaining a healthy environment is key to containing disease casuations, the Anambra State Waste Management Authority ( ASWAMA) has ratcheted up its efforts in environmental sanitation hence one of the core pragmatic approach the state government has put in place aimed at avoiding the spread of Coronavirus.

        Speaking in an interview with our correspondent today, the managing director of ASWAMA, Amechi Akorah said that although the monthly general sanitation exercise has been affected due to the pandemic that led to the lockdown as government’s cautionary measure to avert the spread of the virus, that the daily  waste management service continues with a conscientious effort by ASWAMA and contracted waste managers across the state to ensuring that there are no stone left unturned in environmental care in the state.

” Today we didn’t hold the regular monthly clean up exercise because there is lockdown, if we should hold it, it will mean calling people out irrespective of the government’s health safety order on lockdown. We have increased our daily routine of waste evacuation.

The emphasis should be, even though there is lockdown, always keep your immediate environment clean and hygienic for your health. This focus is on personal hygiene, and this personal cleanliness will always translate to your hygiene to your immediate environment”, he advised. While adding that accumulation of wastes at in homes can breed rodents like rats and other disease vectors.

       Consequently, the managing director who always make himself available and play supportive role in making sure that clean up exercises were carried out as planned in all weather conditions reassured the state government’s unflinching actions in plummeting the spread of the virus, ” Our team has been on daily evacuation of waste. As it is more essential at this torrid moment, we have also increased our efforts geared towards curtailing infectious diseases.

Waste Management service is a critical aspect of government’s efforts at combating the incidence of COVID-19. It is very natural that we scale up our services. People on their on part should adhere strictly to proper disposal of waste products in their various homes and indiscriminate dumping of refuse at undesignated points. It will be very tragic if you stay away from Coronavirus out there, only to get home and embrace Lassa fever and other infectious diseases” he stressed.

      Due to the potential survival of COVID-19 in the environment for some hours and days, Akorah admonished people to always avoid exposing humans to the virus by littering the surroundings with pieces of used facial mask, hand gloves, and other personal protective equipment, but rather to always secure them properly by  tying them in a separate nylon bags as soon as possible before putting them in dustbins”, The final disposal is the job of the ASWAMA.

National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency ( NESREA) has a guide line that concern not individuals but agencies involved in waste management. The idea is that when you put it in a trash bag, tied securely in a nylon bag such that it doesn’t throw. The Waste Management Authority is expected to incinerate it” he explained. 

          Meanwhile in the previous weeks, members of the ASWAMA and other environmental workers were reportedly sighted along  Enugu-Ukwu road, Aguleri junction, around St. Francis Catholic church Urunnebo village Enugu-Ukwu, Zik’s Avenue towards Eke Awka market, Rockland Estate Awka, Udoka Housing Estate,  Wintez by Ifite Downtown, Okpuno road, Ngozika Housing EstateUnizik junction by express and some other places, sweeping roads, clearing waste surge from gutters, removing debris off streets and taking them in their trucks to dumping sites.

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