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83m Nigerians live in poverty – NBS



ABOUT 40 per cent of Nigerians (or 82.9 million people) 82.9 million Nigerians lived below its poverty line of N137,430 per year, the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said in its latest report released today.

The NBS in its 2019 Poverty and Inequality report also said the poverty rate varied across states. It is highest in Sokoto where almost 90 per cent (87.73 per cent) of the population are poor and lowest in Lagos where 4.5 per cent of the population lives in poverty.

The Urban Poverty rate is at 18.04 per cent while the Rural Poverty rate is 52.10 per cent.

According to NBS, between September 2018 and October 2019, it conducted the latest round of the Nigerian Living Standards Survey (NLSS) after 10 years.

“In Nigeria 40.1 per cent of the total population were classified as poor. In other words, on average, four out of 10 individuals in Nigeria have real per capita expenditures below N137,430 per year. This translates to over 82.9 million Nigerians who are considered poor by national standards.

It is important to note that this number excludes the state of Borno. While the NLSS 2018-19 included households from Borno, that sample was not representative of the whole state since only households from “accessible” (safe-to-visit) areas were interviewed. Thus, the Borno sample is considered non-random and non-representative,” the release reads.

NLSS is the official survey that is the basis for measuring poverty and living standards.

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