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Afor Nnobi Market maintained Coronavirus preventive measure – Nze Ozuamba



AFOR Nnobi market with appreciable population traders and buyers wittiness total complained of corona virus pandemic conversant/ CNDC  through its inaugurated Task Force.

  To this and an elder market master Nze Inncent Ozuamba ( Ibedigbo) who had been on that duty for over 27 years told correspondents  at one of the major market days (Afor) in his office at Nnobi that every trader on food items as approved by the Government installed hand wasting bullets, soap and sanitizer while those found wanting on the virus preventive measure were we allowed into their food and vegetable /domestic animal sector .

  Nze Ozuremba was full of praises to Governor Willing Obi has been serious with the leadership of Anambra state number one in security which they enjoy in the market and our rich food crops exaptation by his administration which other states of the nation copy.

  He said that for Nnobi situates at a four corner Junction home his Market Communities  attaches  Heat importance to its environment outlook which they were observing before the adverting coronavirus pointing  that cleanliness is essential everybody to unlike world secure athor virus pandemic busy and dirty surrounding that like  mammal rats that are carries of Lassa fever

  Ibeto Avails 1,0000 Bag of 25kg Rice To if Quarerts of Nnewi

The 4 quarters that make up Nnewi Town, namely Otolo Uruagu,Umudima and Nnawidri got 350 bags of 25kg rice chief Dr Cletus Ibeto made available .

  Chief Jude Osumuo who represented Ibeto Chambers of people Progrssive Association P.P.A a non political orgranisation to Governor Obiano or youths

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