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CORONA-V Musings



‘Coro’ the cannibal; you diabolical flesh eater

You descended on an unprepared world

Like a lethal storm

Your tempestuous fury decimated Wuhan

And like the fierce looking Chinese dragon

You quickly ramified your tentacles

Across an innocent planet

Crushing every mortal on your path

Your shape could pass for a harmless football

That round leather that avails us hilarity and amusement

But your bodily quills like porcupine

Give you away as sure agent of fatalities

All mighty Corona-V

In a flash, you robbed the world of many lives

Casualties, incomparable to any recent war known to man

Yet, you’re not satisfied

Your drum of war can still be heard

From near and far

Corona-V, the game changer

You changed the way we lived

Foisting on us new etiquettes

Compelling us to gulp your concoctions of idiosyncrasies –

How we greet; cough; sneeze; where we touch; where we can go; size of gatherings

How we must stay wide apart even when we gather

We now wash our hands repeatedly even when food is not served

And the ablution must be completed with sprinkles of hand sanitizer

You compelled countries to slam their borders shut

Seal off their inter state and regional boundaries

Marooning families and loved ones in different locations

People were herded into their homes, like games into zoos; prisoners

But in no time they began to complain and rebel

Despite governments hand outs and palliatives

They proudly want to earn their living

‘Coro’, you’re also a queer fashionista

You gave us compulsory mascaras; sorry, facial masks

Overnight, facial masks, common with medics, miners and welders

Became ‘essenco’, as we say in Nigeria

You turned us into virtual beings

If hi-tech had not availed us virtual interactions

One wonders what would have happened

Oga ‘Coro’, you’re even an economic evil genius

Not satisfied with human bodies you’ve taken out

You shut down the global economy 

Introducing your own pernicious world economic order

Where you closed offices, businesses, schools, manufacturing lines, etc

You mercilessly crashed the oil market, dislocated countries budgets

Causing governments to scamper back to rework their priorities

In line with the harsh realities you’ve levied on them

Interestingly, you exposed the world authorities’ underbellies

To their gross lack of attention to health care deliveries

COVIDIOT –  you sprang a new vocabulary on us

But you are the first idiot I can think of

For you embarrassed an unsuspecting world so maliciously

Snuffing out lives without an ample chance to fight back; is it fair?

But, in truth there are Covidiots in our midst

Those who idiotically dare your murderous proclivity 

However, you should show mercy on those of us who have respected tyranny

Those of us you have frightened into obeisance

Corona-V! Inspite of your atrocious reign, there are lessons we must learn from this virulent war you’re waging on humanity:

-That this world/life is not a roller coaster

-Anything and everything can happen at anytime

-Humans, especially leaders must learn to be pre-emptive and proactive

-Investment in healthcare facilities is of utmost importance because your Mother could be incubating another sibling of yours to be hatched on the world in future (but God forbid).

-Education of the populace is paramount to reduce the quantum of Covidiots and future ‘Pandemic-idiots’ that could endanger the lives of their fellow compatriots.

-A healthy and educated population determine a socially stable and economically viable sovereign entity.

-Corona-V has provided African countries, especially the crude oil dependent ones, an opportunity to quickly rejig their political, social and economic paradigms.

Your open fangs notwithstanding, GOD will rescue this country, this world

 In JESUS name.

Can I hear a loud Amen!!!

Sir Paul Nwosu wrote from Atani, Ogbaru LGA

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