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10 corpses rejected from entering Ebonyi



NON fewer than ten corpses being conveyed into Ebonyi State through various boundaries in Ivo Local Government Area have been rejected from entering into the area.

Chairman of the local government, Ogbannaya Ude, disclosed this to press men in Ishaagu while monitoring borders in the area.

He lamented that foreigners enter the area through Uturu, Abia State, Enugu and other borders.

Ude, who said that the cases of the virus recorded in the state were people who entered the state through the borders, described it as unacceptable.

“The governor is fighting this coronavirus pandemic with every level of seriousness so that Ebonyi people can be protected and Ivo Local Government Area is one of the entry and exit points into Ebonyi.

“In Ivo, we have so many border points. This particular one is the border point between Ivo and Awgu and it is a very busy one. As of today, we have about 19 border points in Ivo border motorable and non-motorable.

  “So, we are making sure that foreigners don’t enter Ebonyi through Ivo. The information is that everybody should remain where he or she is until after this pandemic.

If you look at that ambulance, it is carrying a body from Aba to Ishiagu and we can’t allow him. He must take it back to Aba and put it in the mortuary. After the whole exercise, you can bring it in.

“We have turned back more than 10 bodies in the first one month. People should stay where they are. They troop to our boundary between, Enugu, Uturu and Ivo. Some of them enter the bush through Uturu.”

However, he urged people to remain where they are until the coronavirus pandemic period was over.

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