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COVID-19 survivor decries employer’s ill treatment



A COVID-19 survivor, Oyindamola Oluwaseun Ajibare, has lashed out at former employer for sacking her because she contracted Coronavirus even when it was her son that got her infected.

  Disclosing how she contracted the virus, the caregiver said she suspects eleven years old son of her employer who arrived from UK with Covid-19 symptoms of cough and fever  may have  infected her with the virus, while her boss falsely accused her of stealing her laptop as a cover-up to fire her.

  “The young boy came back with severe cough and fever, prompting his mother to call the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). “While we awaited his result, the boy was always in his room, but as his caregivers, we always had contact with him. I suspect that it was the very day he returned that I might have gotten infected because the day the NCDC came to the house to test the boy, I started feeling some symptoms, itchy eyes and aching joints, but I just attributed it to stress,” Ajibare stated in his facebook wall.

  Narrating how she survived the infection, the Lagos State COVID-19 survivor explained that it was traumatic especially getting fired by her employer while she was still getting treated at the isolation centre. She attributed her recovery to being positive minded even in the face of difficulty.

  “I have the strong belief that both a person’s immune system and state of mind are necessary for fighting the virus. I think your body fights this thing and also the state of your mind because I remained brave and stayed positive. I tested negative after nine days. I was the second person to be discharged at the centre. And before I was discharged, we had increased from 6 that we were when I got there to about 30,” she noted.

  Her bigger sorrow came after she overcame the virus and realised that she had lost her job and had to fight the stigma of once being a Covid-19 patient. “After she fired me, she sent me a message to say that I stole her laptop and she was going to put my story everywhere to make sure nobody employs me.

  “I was very depressed with that theft accusation. I decided to call my agency and tell them about the situation. When they called her, she denied accusing me of stealing her laptop.”

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