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Africa Where Are Thy Powers?



Africa Africa Africa!

Oh the once mighty and heroic Africa

Why has thou grown so cold?

Why has thou remained thus numb?

A fremd is here in thy enclave

Battling thy home without mercy

And battering thy all in thy all

Before thy very eyes, oh Africa!

Thy peace is stolen

And fear injected in thy veins

With thy activities all at halt

All by same unwelcome visitor.

Thy hands are caged

And thy mouth silenced with mask

While thy children die in numbers

Before thy very eyes, oh Africa!

Hunger is dire in the land

Yet thy children are home and docked

For the fear of the fremd

And thou dost nothing.

Thou keepest quite, oh Africa!

In the midst of all these

Waiting for the Whites to solve thy puzzle

And the world to come to your rescue.

When hast thou grown lazy, Africa?

Where are thy ecumenic powers?

Where are thy roots and thy foods?

What happened to thy herbs?

Why art thou dependent on the Whites?

Why hope on them for solution?

Why look akimbo, oh Africa?

Can’t solution come from thee?

Are thy bushes there in vain?

Thy creatures and powers to create

Africa, recall thy deeeds in the past

And mights and beauty in the days of old.

Arise, oh Africa, to save the world

For a fremd has trapped the earth

And the key with the earth remains

Arise oh Africa, and find ye the key.

Arise, Africa, Arise

Leverage thy powers and flowers

The world is waiting for your

Arise, oh Africa, arise

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