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UK records world’s second highest COVID-19 deaths



BRITAIN’S death toll from the coronavirus has topped 32,000, according to an updated official count released yesterday, pushing the country past Italy to become the second-most impacted after the United States.

  The new toll, from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and regional health bodies, has not yet been incorporated into the government’s daily figures, which records the current number of deaths as 29,427.

  That is still higher than Italy, which on Tuesday said it has recorded 29,316 virus fatalities to date, but far short of the US where nearly 69,000 have died in the pandemic.

  Speaking at daily Downing Street press conference, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab urged the country to avoid making unreliable international comparisons.

  “There are different ways of counting deaths… we now publish data that includes all deaths in all settings and not all countries do that. Can you reliably know that all countries are measuring in the same way?

And it also depends on how good, frankly, countries are in gathering their statistics,” he said.

  Yesterday update showed 32,313 total deaths by around April 24, meaning Britain has probably had the highest official death numbers in Europe for days.

  Nearly 6,400 people with coronavirus have died in care homes in England alone, with numbers still rising even as the wider outbreak slows.

More than 2,000 of those were reported in the last week of April — when Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain was “past the peak.”

  Meanwhile, countries with the newest fatalities in the past day were the United States with 1,830, Britain with 693 and France with 330.

United States has the highest number of total deaths with 70,115 out of 1,193,027 cases. At least 187,180 have been declared recovered.

Britain has the second-highest toll with 29,427 deaths out of 194,990 cases, followed by Italy with 29,315 deaths from 213,013 cases, Spain 25,613 deaths and 219,329 cases and France with 25,531 deaths and 170,551 cases.

China has to date declared 4,633 deaths and 82,881 cases. It has 77,853 recovered cases.

  Europe has a total of 147,179 deaths from 1,595,147 cases, the United States and Canada have 74,236 deaths and 1,254,987 cases, Latin America and the Caribbean have 14,433 deaths and 273,727 cases, Asia has 9,525 deaths and 253,724 cases, the Middle East has 7,141 deaths and 195,116 cases, Africa has 1,894 deaths from 48,288 cases and Oceania 124 deaths from 8,175 cases.

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