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Anambra’s Chief firefighter named IFFD regional co-ordinator



THE Anambra State Fire Service has commenced the fumigation of major markets in the state as part of measures to combat COVID-19. The exercise which commenced with Onitsha Main Market also aims to reduce the spread of germs and microorganisms that can cause diseases.

  Director and Chief Fire Officer, Anambra State Fire Service, Martin Agbili, said besides the markets, the fumigation will be extended to other major places in the state. He noted that fumigation is vital in the fight against covid-19, as it showed in other parts of the world where governments deemed it necessary to sanitise places of easy contact of the virus.

  “We know what is involved in this fight and we are putting on our best in the campaign. The fight against COVID-19 is not a one-off battle, it continues until we defeat it. Whatever measure needs to be used must not be spared to eradicate it. And one of such is to fumigate places and contacts where people can easily contact it.”

  “The state fire service is much different today in discharging its duties. I want to thank Gov. Obiano who directed us to carry out the exercise. Today, you can see much difference in our kitting, equipment and response from what it used to be. The governor has changed the face of fire service in the state, it is unprecedented and that is why we are able to be in the frontline against the fight against COVID-19.  

  Agbili urged ndi Anambra to adhere to government directives in the fight against COVID-19. He advised against debunking the reality of COVID-19 as such actions could endanger the lives of others.

  In a related development, International Firefighters Day (IFFD) has appointed Engr. Agbili as the regional coordinator of International Firefighters Day for Africa. The appointment came as the organization marked its day on May 4 to honour the commitment, dedication and hard work from current firefighters and those who work to support them from all agencies around the world.

  In the statement, Founder of IFFD, Lt JJ Edmondson, praised Engr. Martin’s diligence in executing his duties said, “thank you Engr. Agbili. You continued to promote and advocate International Firefighters’ Day amongst the fire services of the African continent. We are honored to have someone of your passion and dedication on board.”

  Agbili thanked IFFD and pledged to continue to do his best to promote firefighters in Africa and all over the world.

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