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Bauchi: Death toll in Azare rises to 173



TWENTY-THREE additional people have died to bring the total number to 173 in the recent wave of deaths that struck Azare in Katagum Local Government Area of Bauchi State.

  Secretary of Azare Graveyard, Abdullahi Othman Imam, stated this yesterday while flaying the 301death toll circulating in social media.

  According to him, the authentic figure of deaths is still considered unusually high and worrisome by residents and has further added to their fears.

  Accounts by different families indicate that elderly persons from 60 years and above are the most affected, with seven of the nine people that died in Azare on May 10, all aged above 60 years.

  The next day, two of the four recorded deaths were above 60 years, while five of the 10 who died between May 12 and 13 above 60.

  A lecturer at Aminu Saleh College of Education that was at the graveyard to attend a funeral on Monday, Ahmed Azare, said he saw two other people who died being buried the same day but they are all about 70 years and the deaths occurred at the same time similar one happened in the town.

  “It was precisely during the same fasting (Ramadan) period because the season was very hot, but it was not as high as this one. It is very clear that there have been rampant cases of mysterious deaths, especially in the last 20 days in Azare,” he said.

  Meanwhile, the atmosphere has been somber in Azare since the occurrence of the deaths which has claimed many prominent residents since April 24th.

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