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BB Naija Star, Khafi rejects big money for skin bleaching



FORMER Big Brother Naija housemate of the Pepper Dem 2019 season, Khafi Kareem, in a  live IG session with chairman, Made Men Music Group, Ubi Franklin, revealed how she rejected the sumptuous  sum of N8 million for the promotion of bleaching creams from a manufacturing company which had sought to endorse her as an ambassador.

  The UK Police Officer explained the deal was to promote a bleaching product and it didn’t sit well with her, 

  “I have always tried to monetise myself in a way that is truly in line with my values. I have had to reject certain things. So, a certain company contacted me and this is actually, till today, the biggest offer I have received. It was about N8 million and it wasn’t that much.

  “I was in the dilemma of taking the money but not having to do much and this is not something I believed in,” she stated.

  According to the reality TV star who rose to limelight after she appeared at the fourth edition of the reality show, she had to reject the offer because bleaching was against her personal principles, adding that although rejecting the offer was hard, it was necessary because of the value she intended to build for the future.

  It would be recalled that during the last edition of BBNaija, news had emerged that Khafi might face sack for allegedly appearing on the reality TV show without permission from her superiors in office.

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