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E-Money in trouble for alleged abuse of escorts



THE year appears to be a trying time for many due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For some others, there is more than COVID-19 to contend with as the Inspector-General of Police,     AbubakarAdamu, has ordered the probe of and immediate withdrawal of all escorts attached to business mogul and chairman, Five Star Group, Emeka Okonkwo, aka E-money and another socialite and entrepreneur, Pascal Okechukwu, popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest over their flamboyant lifestyle and flagrant abuse of police escorts.

  According to reports, the IGP ordered the withdrawal over the ostentatious display of policemen by the two social media celebrities. It was also gathered that the IGP has ordered for a comprehensive search for all those who engage in such show of police escorts and the immediate withdrawal of the policemen.

  E-money, who is the elder brother to musician, Kingsley Okonkwo, aka K-Cee, was said to have drawn the ire of the police boss for allegedly using policemen like domestic servants.

  An officer who spoke based on anonymity said, “We received a signal from the force headquarters on Monday, that the police detail of music executive, E-Money, be immediately withdrawn and an investigation into the man be launched.

  “The IG was surprised that policemen were attached to him in the first place and were being used like domestic servants, carrying umbrellas, opening doors, and doing menial jobs for him.

  The probe into E-Money comes less than a year after that of an Instagram celebrity, Ismaila Mustapha, aka Mompha, who was also known to show off his ostentatious lifestyle on social media.

However, an associate of E-Money, Chidozie Dike, said he was not aware of the development and he believed it was not true.

  “I am not aware and I don’t think this is true,” he said.

This has sparked reactions from internet users. One user writes, ‘…Good job. That guy’s show off is not just annoying but also stupid. If the likes of Dangote behaves the way he does, no road will accommodate his convoy.

  To me, the guy is just an uneducated i.d.i.o.t.He fails a litmus test of a typical Igbo guy who makes his money humbly and decide to behave like Mompha and Hushipuppi them.

Another writes thus; “This is what showoff does. It breeds envy and bring you unnecessary problems.”

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