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Platini blasts Infantino



… Calls for his resignation

STILL clearly hurt and convinced of allegedly been the victim of a conspiracy, former UEFA president, Michel Platini has launched a savage attack on Gianni Infantino, saying the FIFA boss only acquired the most important position in world football “due to a skilful combination of circumstances”, describing him as a “great manipulator” and saying he “should resign his mandate.”

  With his four-year ban over the notorious “disloyal payment” scandal now having expired, Platini has used the platform of Switzerland’s prestigious l’Illustre magazine to fire a furious broadside at Infantino who, of course, was his number two at UEFA but who succeeded in grabbing the job he so coveted from under his nose.

  Platini has been ordered by FIFA to reimburse the infamous CHF 2 million he received from Sepp Blatter back in 2011 but the Frenchman questions FIFA’s motivation.

  “Explain to me: why did FIFA wait so long to ask me to return this sum? First of all because it knows that this payment was perfectly legitimate, validated by its president, its executive committee, the Financial Commission, the annual congress and the auditors…

  “This request for reimbursement is Infantino’s way of hiding the truth. He is a great manipulator. He is perfectly aware that this is the only way for him to maintain public doubts concerning me. Civil justice will decide this question and this will put an end to this debate.”

  Addressing his ban, which destroyed his reputation and scuppered his chances of ever succeeding Blatter, Platini argued, not for the first time, that it was a calculated attempt to stop him achieving his goal.

  “The fact that I was the victim of a conspiracy is obvious to me,” he told the magazine. “In 2016, the FIFA presidency should have returned to me by a very large majority, everyone knows that. Infantino, who was my secretary general at UEFA, knew this better than anyone.

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