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Police officer sacked for killing of colleague



THE policeman who killed a fellow policewoman in Port Harcourt last month has been dismissed from the Nigerian police force after committing the act that sent a female Sergeant to her early grave while on duty. He was alleged to have fired the shot to disperse rampaging traders in the Eneka axis of the state capital.

  Speaking to National Light, an insider from the Rivers State Police Headquarters revealed that the officer who was attached to a joint task force team with the COVID – 19 Task Force Team only fired shots to disperse traders at Eneka Road who went on rampage but only forgot to ”safety his arms”. It was then he misfired the shot that killed the woman.

  His words”Sergeant Bitris went for a job with the Rivers State Covid-19 Task Force. Along the line at Enema Road, they were chasing traders away and some touts started throwing stones at them. Then the Sergeant trying to scare the people away fired some shots in the air.

In the statement confirmed by an eyewitness, the officer forgot to safety his arms. It was after a while the said touts were still attacking them, that was when he fired the shot that killed the policewoman who was also a Sergeant”.

  National light recalled that the deceased traffic policewoman was also a nursing mother who had just finished breastfeeding her baby and had just arrived at her duty post controlling traffic at the Eneka Roundabout when she met her tragic death.

  Continuing, the source said, “the Commissioner of Police had withdrawn the police task force as the state government and the police force are already in talking terms on how to bury the deceased officer”.

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