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Coronavirus may infect 250m Africans – WHO



THERE is fear that the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic may infect at least 250 million Africans as the pandemic’s global death toll topped 300,000.

  The fear was expressed today by a panel of African experts in a report published in JMB Global Health Journal.

  According to the report, the development will mount intensive pressure on the continent’s fragile health system.

  Despite fears of a second wave of infections, borders began opening up in Europe and lockdowns continued to ease as governments try to get stalled economies moving again, with experts warning world output could shrink by 10 percent.

  But it was the very human cost of the disease that was thrown into sharp relief with the discovery of infections in the world’s biggest refugee camp, where upwards of a million Rohingya live in squalor.

  “We are looking at the very real prospect that thousands of people may die from COVID-19 in Africa. This may exert undue pressure on health facilities which already have shortage of intensive care beds at this moment,” the report said.

  They also warn that frangible health systems on the world’s poorest continent could quickly be overwhelmed, with modeling suggesting 231 million people could become infected, triggering over 190,000 deaths in its wake.

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