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Idemili North healthcare workers receive training on case management



IDEMILI North Local Government Area Health Authority has embarked on case management training for healthcare workers, especially officers in charge of facilities.

This is in a bid not to compromise the advice by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on coronavirus infection prevention and control (IPC).

Director, Primary Healthcare, Idemili North LGA, Tony Onyeaka, said that IPC were precautions applied whenever providing patients’ care, and for all contacts with body fluid, regardless of their infection status.

“IPC helps to prevent and minimise unprotected contact with body fluids; as well as spread of infection to healthcare workers from their patients and visitors.

“IPC should be strictly observed, whether infection is known or not; noticed or unnoticed, it should not be treated but kept on hold for necessary contact with the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC),” Onyeaka stressed.

The Social Mobilisation Officer, Idemili North LGA, Mrs Sabena Machebe, noted that hand washing was important and abiding by its rules to wash thoroughly under running water..

Mrs Chinwe Okeke, Logistics Management and Coordinating Unit, said that social distancing of 2 meters between yourself and anyone coughing or sneezing were part of prevention and control of COVID-19.

“Correct and regular wearing of face masks that cover the nose and mouth, not worn on the chin; also limiting travels are to be observed to contain the infection,” she added.

The participants, who are mainly officers in charge of facilities; maintained social distancing and received free face masks

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