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Anxiety rises over increasing food prices



RISING cost of food items across major markets in Nigeria has set Nigerians on tense mood with many citizens expressing fears of imminent hunger crisis.

  Lamenting the development, an Onitsha resident and mother of four, Nkechi Iwueze says, meeting with feeding needs of his family is becoming very challenging.

  “I thought that when the lockdown is relaxed, life would return to normalcy interms of commodity prices stability. But that has not been the case. In fact, nearly every item in the market has its price doubling what it used to be before the lockdown. It is very unfortunate.”

  Iwueze is not alone in this school of thought as a whole sale dealer in yam at Ochanja market in Onitsha, Patrick Ochie told National Light that the rising prices of yam tubers are worrisome to even they themselves selling the product.

  “A small tuber of yam which cost between N200 and N250 before COVID-19 lockdown now goes as high as N600. It has made sales drop drastically as not many people can afford the price as it stands now. A heap of yam (100 pieces) which used to cost N18000 now costs more than N50,000 today. The difficult side of it is that farming season has come and this period is definitely not the best time to buy yam at low price.” He stated.

  National Light price survey shows that a 10kg bag of Semovita now costs N3000 against the usual N2600 before Coronavirus outbreak. A custard paint size of garri now costs between N700 to N1000 (red and white colours).

  More citizens who expressed their concerns urged government to intervene urgently in the development as hunger may soon ravage the land. Some of the respondents who spoke to National Light envisage that cost of some of these items may not come down even as Muslim Ramadan fast lasts.

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