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Coronavirus… horrible realities



BY simple definitional approach, coronavirus is a disease that comes with such symptoms as fever, cough and difficulty in breathing. It originated in the People’s Republic of China, a country of the Asian continent who, not too long ago, emerged great in the world economy.

In fact, China’s emergence was a miracle in the sense that, from all indications, given the country’s large population and the squalid state of her (China’s) economy in time past, no one in the world would have believed China would be telling the success story they tell today.

  And thus, by this emergence in the world economy and the inherent stabilisation, one thing led to another and this coronavirus emerged, sweeping across the world like a wild fire in a village where government fire-fighting facilities are never in the offing. It has spread to and infested other Asian countries, Europe, America, and Africa, with great injuries and deaths. The outcry is loud and high, leaving the world confused and dumb-founded. In fact, we are helpless, believing that only God can help us, especially those in Africa.

  Now, without interrogating the issue of this disease very much; why and how it came about here, let us look into what it has offered us.

  The corona lessons or realities are both social and socio-economic. Before now, several countries had traded with each other on international note, relying on each other as they hub-knobbed with each other for mutual economic gains. They trusted their natural resources and trade relations very much that the bilateral rapport was so juicy that they nearly kissed each other in both bilateral and multi-lateral relationships.

  Thus, it became difficult to separate nations involved in serious international trade with each other. They were hooked like people who were ready to tie nuptial knots, stabilising very much in the trade outside home shores.

No wonder then that across continents and divides, groups were being formed by countries, with common socio-political and socio-economic objectives and agenda. Hence, the emergence and existence of organisations or formations like the G-8, G-20 and so on. The rapport here were solemn.

  On the social side, we began to witness citizens and individuals of countries mingling with fellow citizens of their choice, especially those of the same or almost same social class. The immediate environment was enjoyable, and trusts built up across board as celebrations with friends and family friends became the other of the day.

  In fact, people became fascinated by each other, more especially where fascinating things were found like wealth, fame and the inherent connections. But alas! That was then; the pre-coronavirus  era.

  Not this time again for things has suddenly changed. Behold a new order here, a period of horrible realities when friends desert friends, nations boycott nations, in clear banishment of alien citizens. Territories and border lands are strictly supervised and watched, as though there are both aerial and land battle. What’s going on here, men? The Americans would ask.

  On individual note,we now see people maintaining social distance, as advised by and instructed by World Health Organisation (WHO) and the government respectively. Former friends and acquaintances presently stay apart; everyone is a suspect.

  Even in the church, the house of God, there is social distancing. Even in the Lord’s sanctuary where people are called brethren and healing is believed to be enshrined in the alter, there’s suspicion. Haa coronavirus! You are worse than snake! And worse than wars of weapon and equipments.

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