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COVID-19 vaccine may be ready late June – Experts



A TEAM of UK scientists working on making a cure to coronavirus available as soon as late June using a process called recovery trial has predicted breaking the much sought cure by late June.

  The medical officials are looking at a combination of drugs that have been effective in making patients recover which may include hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir-ritonavir, and tocilizumab drugs which have been administered to Covid-19 patients.

  The scientists have predicted that a vaccine for the virus could be ready as soon as results of over 10,000 COVID-19 patients who were involved in a clinical trial are ready by late June 2020.

  The Sun UK reports that if the experts carrying out the trial process are successful, the vaccine could be rolled out immediately.

  According to media report, the recovery trial is a scientific evaluation that looks at overall Covid-19 therapy and medications that were administered with the hope of getting the combination that is effective in treating patients.

  The Deputy Chief Investigator of the trial at Oxford University, Professor Martin Landray, said they are being meticulous with their process.

  Landray added that a combination of different drugs could be the best way to beat the coronavirus once and for all; adding that among the drugs that have been tested and that could make the final combination are hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir-ritonavir, and tocilizumab.

  Recall that media report had trended over a dedicated team of local researchers working on a COVID-19 vaccine with a modification process that can be completed within three weeks to combat Sars-Cov-2 virus and go through a human trial in six months.

  The team involved in the vaccine development is called Home-grown Esco Aster and they are working with the United States biotechnology company, Vivaldi Biosciences, as they combine proteins from different viruses to find a cure.

  A senior scientist, Dr Nandini Prabhakar, has said that the use of the “backbone” will speed up the process of finding a vaccine. Another thing worthy of note is that when the vaccine is ready, it can be administered into a patient’s body through a nasal spray, the same way the virus gets into the human body.

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