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Muslims urged to observe Eid-Fitri prayer at home



MUSLIMS in the Southwest have been urged to plan to observe the Eid Fitri prayer that marks the end of Ramadan at home.

  This was contained in a statement issued to newsmen in Ibadan on Thursday by Executive Secretary, Muslim Ummah of Southwest Nigeria (MUSWEN), Prof Muslih Yahya.

  Prof Yahya said since the possibility of relaxing the suspension of religious activities in the region was slim, praying Eid at prayer grounds would not be possible hence the faithful should observe the prayer at home.

  “From the look of things, it is not likely that the current social distancing regulations put in place by governments in the states in the South West of Nigeria, necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic would be relaxed by Eid day, consequently, it is not likely that observance of Eid prayers at the Eid Prayer Grounds would be possible”.

  He said the two Rakaat prayer of Eid that would be observed at home should follow the same process as observed at Eid Prayer Ground except that there would not be sermon at the end of the prayer.

  “It is not forbidden for an individual or the family to observe at home the two-Rak’ah Nafl (supererogatory) Eid prayer in the following manner, excluding only the Khutbah (sermon)”.

  In the statement, the MUSWEN Executive Secretary enjoined Muslims to put on their best dresses on the Eid day as recommended by Prophet Muhammad and stay safely at home to mark the day with their families in view of the movement restrictions necessitated by the pandemic.

  He noted that giving of Zakatul Fitri, alms to the poor in form of foodstuffs would start from the eve of the Eid day and would end before the prayer.

  “On the eve of the Eid day or after the Fajir prayer of the Eid Day and shortly before the usual time for the Eid Prayer, Zakat el-Fitri is expected to be given out to the poor on behalf of EVERY member of the family, from infant to the oldest person, male or female”.

  Prof Yahya called on Muslims in the Southwest to join the rest of the Ummah in Nigeria in looking out for the crescent of Shawwal on Friday evening and wait for a formal announcement of the exact day of Eid by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar.

  He added that despite the atmosphere of the COVID-19 pandemic in which Ramadan fasting was observed, Almighty Allah deserved to be thanked for His mercy and urged Muslims to celebrate the Eid with caution and vigilance.

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