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COVID-19: Patients can’t transfer infections after 11 dys – New research



PERSON-to-person transmission of COVID-19  may be unlikely 11 days after infection, even if the patient  still tests ‘positive’, hints a new research by health experts in  Singapore.

  The joint research paper’ – published by researchers from Singapore’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) and the Academy of Medicine, Singapore made a study of 73 COVID-19 patients it arrived at a new finding that a positive test “does not equate to infectiousness or viable virus,” adding that isolating or culturing the virus after 11 days was not possible.

  According to Executive Director of National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Singapore, Prof Leo Yee Sin,

“Scientifically, I’m very confident that there is enough evidence that the person is no longer infectious after 11 days.”

  The latest findings may have implications for the patient discharge policy in Singapore and elsewhere. As in other countries, including the UAE, patients in hospital are only discharged when they test negative at least twice.

  Singapore’s Ministry of Health will look at whether the latest evidence can be incorporated into its patient management plan.

  The paper also makes reference to a small study of nine patients in Germany that found ‘viral shedding’ from the lungs or throat was very high in the first week but none by Day Eight.

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