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How Three Childless, Homeless Widows Found Shelter After Twenty Years



It was a rain of tears of joy, jubilation and triumph over homelessness at late Chief Chukwujiobi’s compound Okpuno Nnewichi Nnewi-North local government area of Anambra state, where three widows woke up to a newly furnished three bedroom bungalow after twenty years of torment by rain and sun in very dilapidated houses, animals could not live in even for a night .

These three childless widows have had to grapple with the devastating and excruciating realities of not having a befiting place to lay their heads until an act of God manifested in the lives of the three widows and they became proud owners of a new magnificent building built and handed over to them by a good samaritan in the person of Hon.Chukwunonso Smart Okafor, the lawmaker representing Nnewi-North state constituency in the seventh legislature of Anambra state.

These women not only had a new house , they also had a new born baby and became childless no more because the benefactor offered himself as a son to the widows from that day henceforth. That was the miraculous metamorphosis of three childless helpless widows.

At the grand opening of the new house which had the Speaker of the state house of assembly Rt.Hon.Uche Okafor, Special Adviser to Governor Willie Obiano on state and national assembly matters Hon.Amalachukwu Anazodo and other distinguished personalities in attendance , the traditional ruler of Nnewi His Royal Highness Igwe Kenneth Orizu while giving his royal blessings, described the lawmaker’s philanthropy as an act of God , saying that what the lawmaker did was not only exemplary but also legendary.

The royal father opined that while other politicians wallowed in squandermania and ostentation , Hon.Chukwunonso Okafor deployed public funds for public good as typically exemplified in the house he built for the widows. Igwe Orizu said , ” God listens to the cry of a widow. What this young man has done for these widows will attract blessings upon blessings to him. Posterity will never forget this act of God that came through him.”

The Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly Rt.Hon.Uche Okafor while commending his colleague in the 7th assembly, said Hon.Chukwunonso Okafor was the first lawmaker to commission a constituency project and that project according to him, is the house he built for the widows so they could have shelter over their heads as well as shield themselves from rain and sun which they had suffered for many long years.

Okafor said,” there are so many projects he would have done with the money but he felt that these women have been in this sorry situation for the past twenty years and he felt that it was time he should help the women. So we thank him for being an instrument from God.”

The beneficiaries of the house who jointly prayed and asked God to replenish the pockets of the lawmaker whom He sent to provide them a befitting humble abode as well as elongate their lives through what they described as divine providence, could not hold back their tears as the whole episode seemed like a dream because they have lived in house that almost collapsed on their heads for more than twenty years, until Hon.Chukwunonso Smart Okafor reversed the situation.

One of the widows Mrs.Bridget Chukwujiobi who narrated their ordeals in the old house said that the house became so dilapidated such that whenever it rained they scrambled to one corner of the house for shelter from the rain. Mrs. Anthonia Chukwujiobi said it was a mud house that was shattered by torrential downpour and they had to use sticks as pillars to hold part of it to enable them have somewhere to put up with in the interim.

She said the new house will increase their lifespan because nobody came to their rescue except Hon.Chukwunonso Okafor whom she said has wiped away their tears of long suffering and restored their hopes again.

Chukwunonso Smart Okafor who volunteered himself as a son to the three childless widows,said he built the house for the widows to give them a sense of belonging. He said the house is a three bedroom bungalow and parlour fully furnished, emphasizing that shelter is one of the basic and fundamental needs of man .

The lawmaker said he heard the pathetic story of the three childless widows and felt such were fairy tale of incredulous happenings in the present day society. As a result, the Honourable Member embarked on a fact- finding mission to ascertain the veracity of the story on the pitiable conditions of the widows.

The outcome of the investigations carried out by the lawmaker led to the building of the house for the three widows who never had the premonition that they would own a befitting house in their entire lives.

The lawmaker recalled while addressing the people who came to witness the official handover of the house to the three widows that ” sometime early this year a friend of mine told me a story of about three widows who maybe by means that are not their own making were not able to have a child. Their husband late Chief Chukwujiobi had four wives . The first three wives didn’t have a child.

” I was told that they live in a very dilapidated building. When I was told about the nature of the building, I said no that this can not be possible in my constituency. They day I came here, they didn’t know what I came for. I looked at the house , it was a mud house.I almost cried because the house was nothing to write home about.The thatched roofs were leaking. The walls were cracked. I really had pity on them.

” I don’t know them from Adam and I have no relationship with them.I said that if this women are in my constituency and the circumstances surrounding them ; their husband is dead. So they are widows. They don’t have kids. They are living in a dilapidated house and the first wife has lost her sight . She can no longer see.

So I was touched and I said to myself that even if I can not give them a child and every other thing they are lacking ; at least I can give them a home that will be comfortable for them and I have also volunteered to be their son henceforth.”

The lawmaker stated that he built the house not because he wanted to take the glory but because he wanted to send a message out that there is a compelling need to look out for those with similar circumstances and help to alleviate their sufferings.

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