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No Almajirai in Anambra – Emecheta



MANAGING Director, Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency (ANSAA), Jude Emecheta ,has reacted to the recent speculation on social media that some group of Almajirai were being evacuated to Anambra State from the North.

  Mr Emecheta said from investigations carried out, no Almajirai were evacuated to the state, rather, they were young men and women who came for economic reasons.

  Emecheta ,who spoke with journalists observed that Anambra had recorded strong economic growth since the present administration of Gov Willie Obiano.

  He disclosed that the security and economic architectures put in place by Obiano administration had attracted all and sundry to invest and dwell.

  “As we all know, in 2014, Gov Willie Obiano inaugurated Akuluouno policy. The policy, no doubt, attracted investors in agricultural sector and other sectors of the economy.

  “This he did because of his foresightedness geared towards preventing economic crunch. He pays salaries and initiated various palliatives that would improve on the living standard of the people.

  “Today, Anambra is ranked number one in primary health care. Gov Obiano built oxygen plant and distributed oxygen to all the primary health care centres. Today also, the state is ranked number three in preparedness for COVID-19 in Nigeria.” Emecheta pointed.

  Speaking further on the Almajirai, he said, “those people from the North saw economic values in the state, that is the reason of their migration. They found peace with Anambra. I tell you solemnly that they are not Almajiris.

  “Some said they are coming with guns and other ammunition. If it is true, our security men would have intercepted them. Recently, they intercepted some group alleged to be Almajirai and sent them back after searching them. 

  “So let’s differentiate between young men coming for economic purpose with Almajirai. Abuja, Lagos and some other states are on lockdown, so they are coming because of less COVID-19 case and security in Anambra State.

  “If you talk of border, our security men are doing well. It is not easy to guide borders. Even in the western world where borders are closed, you see people still passing. Even if you mount perimeter fencing, they will dig a hole and pass.

  “So I commend our security agencies for what they are doing. Let us also remember to comply with the COVID-19 protocols and stay home.” Emecheta added.

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