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No mask, no ride policy on buses, taxies begins in S’Korea



SOUTH Korea has kicked- off “No Mask, No Ride” policy on buses and taxes today to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 while using public transportation.

  Starting from today, taxi and bus drivers will be allowed to limit or refuse the ride of passengers who do not wear face masks. Drivers will be required to put on masks when passengers are on board, information from the health ministry says.

  Amid emerging worry about the COVID-19 infection while using public transportation, the health authorities allowed drivers to temporarily refuse passengers without masks.

  As at Sunday, nine bus drivers and 12 tax drivers had been confirmed positive for the COVID-19.

  Report says extant public law in the country bars public transit drivers of bus, taxi and railway from refusing passengers without proper reasons but the authorities have been forced to ease rules to allow drivers to refuse the passengers who do not comply with mask cover directive.

  Meanwhile, subway passengers will be strongly advised to wear face masks while on board beginning on Tuesday.

  The subway staff will encourage passengers to put on masks directly or via the subway announcement as it is not possible for check all the passengers.

  From tomorrow, all passengers on domestic and international flights will be required to wear masks while aboard. Some of the domestic airlines have forced started enforcing passengers to put on masks.

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