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COVID-19: Spain begins 10-day mourning for dead victims



Spain has begun an official 10-day mourning period for the over 27000 victims of coronavirus pandemic in the country.

  Starting from Wednesday, all flags on public buildings across the nation and on Spanish naval vessels will be lowered to half-mast until June 5 to pay tribute to the more than 27,000 people that have so far lost their lives.

  Report credited to the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez said this would last for “10 days, the longest period of mourning in our democracy, in which we will all express our sorrow and pay homage to those who have died,” according his tweeter post.

  According to government spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero.the mourning period, which was approved at a cabinet meeting yesterday, would also include a solemn memorial ceremony presided over by Spain’s head of state, King Felipe VI.

  “The dead are men and women whose lives have been suddenly cut short, leaving friends and family in great pain, both from the sudden loss and from the difficult circumstances in which it has occurred,” Montero said.

  Continuing, “eight out of 10 victims were older than 70, they were those who helped build the country that we know today.”

  It would be recalled that Spain, where a nationwide lockdown was first imposed on March 14, is one of the countries hit hardest by the pandemic, registering the fifth-highest number of confirmed cases and deaths.

  As at today, at least 27,111 people have died of COVID-19, the highly contagious disease caused by the new coronavirus. The overall number cases stands at more than 236,000, with some 150,000 recoveries while about 20 percent of health workers got infected out of the total confirmed case, according to John   Hopkins’s report.

  Report further says the Spanish government decided to consider work accident for all the people that have died and been infected by COVID-19 in the healthcare sector.

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