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Ezeemo lauds Obiano’s coronavirus containment measures



ANAMBRA-BASED Industrialist, Godwin Ezeemo, has commended the measures taken by Anambra Government to contain the spread of the coronavirus into various communities of the state.

  Mr Ezeemo made the commendation on Tuesday in a press chat with some journalists after his visit to Amansea boarder in Awka North Local Government Area of the state.

  He said that the efforts to contain the spread of the virus in the state which has been done by the state government was a welcome idea and urged people to support the fight as the number of cases keep increasing.

   “We do not want the number of the case to keep increasing, we cannot contain the virus if it gets to unreasonable number.  This fight against COVID-19 spreading into our communities should be seen as a war for all to fight; if not, we are in for a real and great trouble.

  “Why are people moving around when interstate movement has been restricted. We can trade within the state and grow our businesses to sustain our families. Why move in and out of the state to states with high record of high cases of coronavirus has been recorded.

  Ezeemo said that he went around to see for himself  the barrier placed by the state government to control vehicular movement into the state and aid effective control of human movement in and out of the state. Some of my friends were telling me about the boarder closure, some felt it was not necessary but I decided to pay a visit myself and I was happy with what I saw.

  “The security personnel were on duty checking those coming from Enugu into the state to ascertain the temperature level of people who were coming in and going out, it was peaceful,” he said. 

  Ezeemo urged the government to apply peaceful resolution in the Niger bridge boarder closure as was done in Anambra and Enugu boarder at Amansea as all efforts was to benefits all and sundry.

  Master David Onwugbuzili, a 13 year old boy, who spoke to newsmen said that he had been trading between the two boarders since the closure of the boarders necessitated by the coronavirus.

  Onwugbuzili said that he carried loads for the people who leave Anambra for Enugu or vice versa for a token between N100 to N200 and makes average of N2000 or N3000 daily.

  He said that he was a primary six pupil of a community school in Enugu, near Amansea and have engaged in the business since the closure of school to assist his mother to provide food in the family.

  “I want the coronavirus to go so we can go back to school again, I am missing school,” he said.

  Mr Ifebunchi Nwosa, who spoke to the press said that the iron gate placed at the Amansea boarder of Anambra and Enugu was a mark of serious commitment mounted by Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra, showing  that he cared for the safety of his people.

  Nwosa said that the gate was very useful because it controlled the influx of people usually recorded on the route on daily basis and believed it would control the fear of virus spread into communities.

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