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In Spain: Vulnerable families to receive minimum monthly income



ABOUT 850,000 Spanish families may be benefitting from Spanish government on provision of more income for the country’s most impoverished families.

  This measure according to sources is to enable the affected families reach a minimum monthly income in the nation’s first attempt to guarantee a basic salary.

  Associate Press reports that the plan was approved by the ruling left-wing coalition led by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

  It further says that the leader of the Spanish Socialist Party is under pressure to spur economic recovery and reduce the fallout from a two-month lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus that has killed at least 27,000.

  Citizens over 21years will be eligible for benefits if they don’t meet a minimum monthly income ranging from 461 euros ($513) to 1,015 euros ($1,130), depending on the number of family members. Migrants who have been in Spain for more than one year can apply.

  Social Security Minister José Luis Escrivá says the measure intends to reduce poverty and inequality, adding that 100,000 households will immediately benefit and the government aims to include 750,000 more in coming months. The total cost for Spain’s public coffers is estimated at 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) annually.

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