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Artistes now live from hand to mouth – Shaikh, Bollywood star



BOLLYWOOD actor and TV series producer Fahim Shaikh, has cried out over the growing impact of pandemic in the industry as activities seem completely dead since the lockdown was announced in March.

  The spot boy who is currently going broke cried out for aids as productions are nowhere underway in the sector while crucial bills keep pilling for him in his Indian residence.

  According to him, film and TV producers are itching to go back to work due to huge losses with those who work as daily wage earners in the industry being the most affected.

  Corroborating Shaikh’s story, another actor and filmmaker, Divya Unny, took to Facebook sharing the story of young spot boy, Shaikh.

  According to Unny’s report, “Fahim has worked as a spot boy on various shoots. His last project was Shamshera. When the lockdown was announced, Fahim was out of a job”.

  She added that Shaikh’s woes got compounded with the lost his house too. “Today he is out of a home, food and money. His primary need at the moment is shelter over his head.”

  She emphasised that a room anywhere in Andheri, Versova, Goregaon or any part of the city would be a boon for him.

   “These days he sleeps outside cafes. If anyone hears of a vacant space that Shaikh can be accommodated in please let me know,” the social media post read.

  Further reports say, eight good Samaritans, after seeing Unny’s post, organised relief package to the sum of Rs 17,000 for Shaikh and arranged for a rented home and some essentials.

  Unny appealed to good spirited individuals to keep providing stimulus to the vulnerable this critical time.

  “Not just spot boys like Fahim, many others who work on sets of films have been dealing with a crisis on a daily basis. “A boy wrote to me on Instagram yesterday. His name is Danish Khan and he works with a group of dadas who set up vanity vans in Film City. His mother Shabana is suffering from active TB in her liver. Since shoots are stalled and vanity vans are obviously out of use, he hasn’t been paid and is in dire need of money for his mother’s medicines. I know that a lot of people have been contributing to their maximum capacity and so have I. But this request came to me directly and I really wish to help him.

  Expressing his appreciation, Shaikh told the Quint media, “I am thankful that some people came forward to help and I hope that I get some work so I can sustain.”

  It would be recalled that global economy has come under huge treat due to COVID-19 pandemic, leading to hard time and likelihood of job losses across the world.

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