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Cleric calls for equity in sharing palliatives, hails easing of lockdown



REV. Fr. Joseph Nwilo has commended Anambra State Government for easing the lockdown even as he called for equity in sharing of palliative.

  Fr Nwilo said this at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Amawbia, Awka South LGA,Anambra State in a homily to mark the Day of the Pentecost.

  He noted that Anambra is a christian state and easing down would help people to attend church services, praying God to rescue the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  He expressed surprise at some people at the helm of affairs in public and private sector, who divert palliatives meant to be shared to the vulnerable and indigent.

  The cleric emphasised that such behaviour could attract the wrath of God, urging such people to desist from such acts.

  The visiting priest said: “obedience to Christ and Holy Spirit brings one closer to eternity with God.”

  He explained that COVID-19 pandemic has challenged faith; people obey the rules of the coronavirus, neglecting God’s commandments.

  “No matter how hard you keep the coronavirus rules, without Christ in you, the virus will kill and launch you into hell fire.

  “The greatest sanitiser one needs is to purify the soul and be able to be at peace with the creator.”

  According to him, Holy Spirit never empowers one for any negative action, emphasising that every sin has its consequences.

  “Never sin against the Holy Spirit. Try to live out your faith in fear and trembling. Always use your position in life to serve God rather than bringing condemnation to yourself. Eschew whatever that will cost you the kingdom of God. Help those you are better off than in this critical period as a corporal work of mercy”.

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