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COVID-19: Despite lull, Nigerian photographer, Diran hits it big



… Gets international honour for his works

THE ingenuity of Nigerians continues to take front burner as Nigerian  photographer, Oye Diran, joins in the list of the country’s ambassadors with a well-documented Nigerian fashion history in photographs that won him international recognition.

  According to Diran, the latest work that got him on CNN was inspired by his parents’ vintage fashion of iro and buba of the 60’s and 80’s while his work appeared in international magazines like Vogue Italia and won him 2020 LensCulture Exposure award.

  Report shows Diran has been using his creativity and acute lenses to capture history in photographs with his latest project that got him featured on CNN inspired by his old family photo album as he was hooked by the clothes of iro and buba his parents wore in the 60’s and 80’s.

  The Nigerian artiste who now resides in New York, said that he was attracted by the richness and elegance of the old outfits, saying they reminded him of how well dressed his parents were when he was young.

  “The relevance of iro and buba doesn’t dissipate over time, so I came up with this story to shed light on the beauty of my heritage to the world,” Diran said of the fashion.

  He noted that after much research into the fashion history of his parents’ time, he decided to recreate the moments as he featured women models for the clothes.

  “Yoruba people are known to find any reason to dress up and celebrate. Traditional weddings, for example, are an opportunity to wear your finest iro and buba, add accessories, and show out,” he posited about Yoruba fashion.

  It should be noted that Diran studied business and had a stint in event production before he became a professional photographer 10 years ago. The Nigerian is not linked to any mentor that may have sharpened his skills in the art of taking good pictures to document stories.

  Some of his works have been featured in Vogue Italia and Afropunk. In 2018, he made an exhibition in US and  won the LensCulture Exposure award with his inspiring photo work titled Makub, a pirce that show a woman’s fragile face and hands in a colourful exposure.

  “I want to continue to convey the essence of African or black ideologies while breaking down misconstrued narratives of these cultures. “I want to be part of the global force illuminating the culture from a diasporic perspective.

And most importantly, telling the many truths that are overlooked and more often, silenced. I feel that it is our collective responsibility as African photographers to do so,” he said.

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