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“The human race shall always overcome,” said Jommo Kenyatta
See, I am the ultimate test
How well do you work together?
How well coordinated are you?

COVID 19 is my name
I know no boundaries or lanes
No celebrity can match my fame
Like a roaring flame I engulf all on my path
The poor and the rich both feel my wrath

You have a common enemy in me
So, lower your guns and focus on me
Lower your rank, tribe, ethnicity and focus on me
For can’t you see, can’t you see?
I know off no hierarchy
My presence brings fear and anarchy

I am stronger than Samson
For I break the unbreakable
I’ll break your economy
I’ll break your faith
But that’s only if you let me
For the racism you show only strengthens me

You like hiding your identity, then wear a mask
You claim that your hands are clean, then sanitize
For the death I cause is no man’s fault but rather my nature
You shall overcome me; it’s in your blood, it’s your nature
I am no professor, neither is this a lecture
But only working together can tame my destructive nature

As Nations cower in fear
For I grab many victims in a day
For once they see something worse than war
For once they see humanity is worth fighting for

What goes up must come down
No authority is higher than me
For I break the laws of traditions
I break the laws of a normal condition
But I’ll never break the so-called men
Bend them to their breaking points
Once they kill me, they forget my wrath and once again I’ll strike

As you suffer because of me
Also try and learn from me and your mistakes
As I go down the books of history
Still there’s more to come
Maintain the togetherness
And there will be no harm
Share the little you have
Before I strike and leave you with none

The only way to survive me, is by joining heads
Lock your doors for I roam the streets
Stay alert for like an assassin; you never know my target

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