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Lockdown ease: FG sets strict conditions for churches, mosques



FOLLOWING the relaxation of the ban placed on worship centres, the Nigerian government has given a list of guidelines places of worship must meet before being permitted to operate.

The presidential task force on COVID-19 said the guidelines are part of measures to check the spread of COVID-19.

Dr Sani Aliyu, the coordinator of the task force in a briefing on Tuesday, said places of worship that fail to comply with these measures should not be allowed to operate by state governments, Premium Times reported.

According to the new guidelines, worship centres will only be permitted to operate for a maximum of one hour.

Below is a list of the guidelines released by the task force:

 1. Worship centres will only be permitted to operate for a maximum of one hour each time they meet. 2. Churches and mosques are only allowed to operate between 5 am and 8 pm daily.

3. Islamiya schools, Sunday schools, night vigils, and children classes are to remain suspended

. 4. Worshippers must sanitise their hands before entry.

 5. All worshippers are required to wear a face mask as part of measures to limit the spread of the virus. 6. Worshippers must have temperature checks before entry.

7. Places of worship must be structured to ensure observation of physical distancing by members.

 8. The capacity of the facility should be limited to allow physical distancing of at least two meters between persons.

9. Facilities should use markings to guide distancing and people from the same household should be encouraged to stay together.

10. Discourage all close contacts including shaking hands, hugging, sharing prayer mats, musical organs, microphones etc.

11. Windows should be left open during services and preferably use open-air facility as much as possible.

12. Vulnerable people with underlying conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases to are advised to at home.

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